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News Guangdong

Chinese currency's long journey of internationalization

About 200 years ago, European merchants took tonnes of silver coins and sailed thousands of kilometers to southern China's Guangzhou to buy tea, silk and porcelain.

China has wisdom to end violence, restore order in Hong Kong: world politicians

Several former world leaders, including Danilo Turk, former president of Slovenia, and Boris Tadic, former president of Serbia, have voiced their firm support for the Chinese central government's stance on the situation of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

China's megahit "Ne Zha" goes for Hollywood's Oscar Gold

The Chinese animated megahit, "Ne Zha," selected as Chinese mainland's official Academy Award submission this year, held its first official Academy screening on Wednesday to a theater full of Hollywood guild and Academy members in West Hollywood.

U.S.-born panda Bei Bei arrives in China

American-born panda Bei Bei finally settled down in the Bifengxia base in southwest China's Sichuan Province early Thursday morning.

2019 ICCFED| BASF: GD’s chemical industry needs a well-planned industrial cluster

A new consultant Dr. Martin Brudermueller, Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of the chemical giant BASF SE, will attend the the coming 2019 ICCFED.

China's Huawei unveils FreeBuds 3 earphones in Kuwait

Chinese technology and smartphone giant Huawei unveiled its FreeBuds 3 earphones on Thursday to Kuwaiti consumers.
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