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广东省文明办 bet36365体育手机版报业传媒集团 广东楹联学会征集2020年道德春联启事

News Guangdong

Guangdong FTZ pushes ahead with greater opening-up, foreign investment

China (Guangdong) Pilot Free Trade Zone has proved itself a top destination for foreign investment with its ever-improving business environment and deepening reform and opening-up efforts creating more opportunities for businesses.

The third session of 12th CPPCC Guangdong Committee opens in Guangzhou

The third session of 12th Guangdong Provincial Committee of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) opened in Guangzhou at 9:00 am on Jan 12th, and will conclude on Jan 15th.

China honors distinguished scientists to drive innovation

President Xi Jinping presented China's top science award to Huang Xuhua and Zeng Qingcun on Friday for their outstanding contributions to scientific and technological innovation.

Video | Guangdong "Two Sessions" draws worldwide attention

This year, we invite Consuls General in Guangzhou to share their views about Guangdong.

4 flower and light exhibitions to celebrate spring festival in Guangzhou

As spring festival approaches, people have started their research into the flower markets and light exhibitions in the city, figuring out where to go to experience the most festive atmosphere and celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Spring Festival reunion dinner at Palace Museum sold out

Chinese New Year's Eve dinner, also known as "reunion dinner," at the Palace Museum during the Spring Festival has sold out, according to the People's Daily.
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